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Chanel 2016 early spring vacation series upcoming fashion show in Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) kicked off the fashion circle immediately moves frequently, setting off a frenzy preheating. Supermodel who constantly refresh the INS Seoul scene photos, fashion editors and buyers who have flocked to the influx of people from various quarters Seoul Fashion Week campaign playing contests.



Fall milk cartons wrapped in Seoul is a face-lift to the cola package.
Street pictures from South Korea is easy to see as the cause of the Korean select show sites, Korea influx of people with a way to use their interpretation of the understanding of Chanel, from Chanel fashion week’s hot stockings to pearl sunglasses the use of elements of the Karl Lagerfeld T station style perfect conversion to daily life, it was amazing and expectations. Here is the way the streets of Seoul with the application of 10 kinds of CHANEL elements. Enjoy concern Chanel Seoul Fashion Week reported.



Lady flowers
Black flower elements, retro feel of medieval Europe.




Street beat the influx of people should have an equally well-dressed, although still small, but absolutely adorable baby fashion junior partner to steal the spotlight




The streets of the influx of people with a new interpretation of the 2015 printing kit early spring vacation series of Middle Eastern elements, quite the same purpose.



Milk carton package
2014 Fall milk cartons wrapped in Seoul is a face-lift to the cola package.



French girl
Loose white shirt, black pants, coupled with application of modern accessories elements, this summer will be hot.



Long white socks

Long high socks with black shoes, began to sprout in the spring when the popular outfit, perhaps too difficult to control the problem, not widely popular.




Fashion people use braided pigtail elements joined ivory earrings, one concept innovation into other styles.



Pearl sunglasses
So flamboyant sunglasses is a good helper concave shape, elegant pearl in addition may also be able to create the feeling of the ocean, with a sporty look, or a veil perspective, go to the beach this year’s new styling reference.

The newstreetstyle

Super Deluxe supermarket fashion show, Lagerfeld streets blowing new wave elements, the influx of people shot in the street on its head.


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Is it a Chanel WOC?

Yes it is.

Is it the new Chanel Timeless CC WOC?

No it’s not.

Then what is it?

I hope you’re ready because a new Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag has arrived for the Spring Summer 2016 Collection. And it’s a design never-seen-before, but you will love it.

An extremely large and notable CC has been crated on the front; it’s almost like the Chanel Timeless CC WOC. The bottom-edges are refined with little studs, which creates an urban-like appeal and the bag is perfect for the evenings and casual days.

With feminine chain link strap, this bag looks like a mini flap bag.

We do not know the style code and prices yet, but the measurement and the interior structure is the same like the other WOC’s.


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Chanel Propeller Bag And More Airplane Inspired Handbags From Spring 2016

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The Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 Act 2 Collection with an Airline theme brings in chic and adorable bag designs. Aside from the ready-to-wear items and accessories with airplane motif, this season’s handbags gets in the same references. The brand introduces the Propeller Bags which comes in two styles, Tote and Flap Bags. It features a propeller inspired pattern. While this season’s multicolor Printed Classic Medium Flap Bag, features a tiny airplane on the iconic CC closure. Airplane prints and colors are also seen in some of the bags and clutch bags.

Style & Price



Chanel Propeller Mini Flap Bag $2,400.00 (USD)
Chanel Propeller Small Flap Bag $3,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Propeller Tote Bag TBD
Chanel Multicolor Printed Medium Classic Flap Bag $5,000.00 (USD)
Chanel Airline Printed Flap Bag TBD
Chanel Airline Printed Toiletry Bag $600.00 (USD)
Chanel Beachwear Reversible Tote Bag $2,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Airlines Zip Pouch Bag $1,000.00 (USD)
Chanel Retro Airline Messenger Bag $1,800.00 (USD)


Tag: Bag CHANEL Propeller

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If you decide to climb the mountains, the previous versions of Chanel backpacks might not be very helpful, as they do not have excessive compartments. You know, they’re cool for the city trips or for work, or even for school.

But if you really need a full-option backpack, then consider this one.

Just for the info; we do not know the style code, size or the prices. But we do not that this come from the latest collection.

And as you can see, the backpack is quite large. The front is made with two pockets that can be opened and closed with zippers. The sides have pockets too and also designed with zippers. If you open the bag, you will find one large space to store everything-you-need to survive on your trip.

The straps are made from leather, but the end part is made from strong and masculine chain. You know, the one we’re used to on the boy bags.


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Team Chanel for the SWEEP

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WINTER has a whole new meaning this year! It seems every day begins and ends with a dose of the Winter Olympics and my tuning into NBC to see the recap of the days highlights from Sochi, Russia.

The spectacle combined with the arctic conditions in the Midwest set the perfect tone for my feature…

TEAM USA SWEEPS the Podium in Skiing Slopestyle Men’s Final!!!


TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(11)This adorable trio has skied their way straight into America’s hearts!
Joss Christensen, 22 from Utah, took the first-ever US Gold in the event with some mind bending tricks including the “switch triple 1440” he landed in the finals.

Silver went to Gus Kenworthy, also 22, from Colorado. In addition to his on-snow prowess we commend him for his efforts to save Sochi’s stray puppies!
And a special Midwestern congrats to Nick Goepper, just 19 from Indiana, who took the bronze! He’s got every teenage girl (and mom lol) in a tizzy!

It was the first US sweep in the Winter Olympics since 2002! To be honest, Pursebop doesn’t know much about “slopestyle” but she does know a lot about style on the slope!

Team USA was victorious in the event but look out for Team CHANEL

TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(1)RED WHITE and BLUE…

TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(6)Out of the gates we have 12A Red Caviar Jumbo attempting JAW DROPPING jumps…

TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(3)Next up is the GRACEFUL 13S White Caviar Jumbo…

TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(4)And last up the DARING 13C Metallic Blue Patent Jumbo…

TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(5)Its a tight race…

TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(7)Neck and neck to the finish…

TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(8)Congrats to the CHANEL team for sweeping the podium!!!

TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(2)Posing with the GOLD (14C Chanel Boy Cube)!

TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(10)…and a Group MEDAL Shot!

TeamChanelfortheSWEEP(9)And folks, that’s not all!

Congrats to Team USA for winning their hockey game yesterday vs home-ice Russia! It wasn’t a medal game but hugely important to the rivalry and their prospects for moving on in the tournament.
Team USA is on it’s way to recreate the ‘Miracle On Ice…’

It’s been an action packed last few days, tune in for PurseBop’s continuing Winter Olympics coverage!
GO USA and congratulations to ALL the incredible athletes competing! Your daily fetes are truly inspiring and we’re so proud of you!


Post Updated Feb 18th:

P.S. …a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to DAVIS & WHITE for bringing home the Ice Dancing GOLD for the first time in Olympic history! Formidable performances :)
I just had to share our ‘front page…’


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You Probably Never Knew About Chanel

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There's no confusing those interlocking Cs; the iconic Chanel logo is one we've all seen (and craved). But before the brand became a lust-worthy label, it was just a modest millinery shop in Paris. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, whom we know as Coco, changed the course of fashion history when she began her business in 1909. She first rose to popularity during the turn of the century, but shoppers still go wild for the quilted bags and two-toned shoes imagined so long ago.

So how did Chanel grow to become the powerhouse it is today? We looked back on the brand's longstanding history to find out exactly what makes it so special. Because as Coco once said: "I don't do fashion, I am fashion." Read on for a mini history lesson on the brand that transformed women's fashion forever.


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